step 2 - Reversing erosion ,2017

Ceramic / varying dimensions

Clay is no dirt. Clay is an ore : a 'soft ore', consisting of very thin particles of mineral matter pulled off from the mountain through natural erosion.
I collect clay on the mountainside where I have my workshop. This malleable dough was once as hard as rock – rock which still builds the mountain today.
Thus clay used to be rock as well as the mountain itself.
Through the modelling of this cay, I intend to make it look once again like ore, or the way we usually see ores, as mere stones : stones similar to the ones I collected during step 1.
By baking these soft stones I transform their internal structure. Now a ceramic, clay thus regains a solidity : a mechanical resistance to time and erosion which eventually leads it back to its original, stone state.
Doing so I try to reverse the work of time, to reverse erosion.
- Jérémy Bracone
'The consciouscness and wit of a stone can be seen through its ability to mutate as a matter.' - Giuseppe Penone