Morphogenèse, 2015

'Pour molten beeswax in the water layer. When penetration occurs, the water reveals its small resistance, its pressure.
Then simply watch it, support it, while invisible hands model it, shape it, compose it.
Water pressure against wax as sculpture's
sole matrix. Coping with less moves. Water replacing the sculptor's hands.
Solidifying the moving fluid. Fluid plus fluid equal solid. Fight for the use of space.
Echoes the genesis of the Earth's formation. Primal clash of the melting lava and the oceans' water.'

'The future way of making art (of making everything else in the long run)
is to approximatively emulate nature, and to especially emulate nature's way of creating.'
August Strindberg, Du hasard dans la production artistique, 'Hazards in artistic production', 1894.