Crucibles (5 stages of growth), 2015

5 stoneware crucibles. Starting as mere tools we've been using to cast iron since forever, they are becoming subjects
here. From containers to contents. With milled iron ore as a coat, the raw pieces of sandstone are directly brought to the forge's embers at very hot temperatures. A quick, harsh baking thus providing their peculiary telluric aspect. Charred, then melted, the iron proceeds to embed the crucible. The shift from container to content symbolizes here the iron ore's transmutation to a primal form of metal.

« Very early on we are confronted with the notion that ores 'grow' in the belly of the Earth after the manner of embryos.
Metallurgy thus takes on the character of obstetrics. »
Mircea Eliade, The forge and the crucible
Ceramic (sandstone, cast iron, baked at the forge with charcoal)
70 x 8,2 x 7,5 cm