Active Graphs, 2013

To realise those geometrical figures I called on a practitioner of alternative therapy, precisely a radiesthesist magnetizer.
Those active Graphs, as insiders name them, intend to transmit or to captivate this invisible energy that is supposedly enveloping and affecting every thing.
To define the figures' outline the therapist went through the help of a dowsing pendulum – same as Professor Calculus ! Each of the Graphs were designed in my presence and blindly, via an opaque cache. I decided to give each of those figures a purpose as well, purpose I will keep to myself, all of them having been ascribed a proper intention.
Thus any form or structure, be it material or the product of thinking, would generate a form field that would affect the outside, that would work on people, environment or events alike.
If an energy does reveal itself as a shape – which goes beyond the matter – those Graphs, transmitters and receptors by turns, would then try to captivate and channel the waveforms which existence has forever been assumed.
Eastern civilizations, especially the Chinese and Japanese, have for thousands of years believed in the existence of imperceptible flows within the realm of the material. In Japan, there is not any important structure built without the Feng Shui expert involved. Europe had also known a similar technique in the form of geomancy.
That unknown power bestowing spiritual action upon matter, that 'fine fluid' which Pythagoras already exuded at his time, has been given a lot of names over time and cultures ; it was called mana in Polynesia, vital energy in ancient China, animal magnetism in Europe, baraka in Maghreb, hun within Haitian voodoo, axè in Bresilian candomblé or even the 'provided' on Paracelsus and the alchemists' side.
'Colored figures which the witch doctor drew onto the ground call to the same principle of such an attainable force, for 'every sand painting generates psychic energy' ', says Bertrand Hell (Les maîtres du désordre, 'Masters of disorder')