Reasonable accomodations, 2012

Reversing the evolution of matter by being engraved right on the tree, those iron wires are not those of an artist trying to replicate Giuseppe Penone's work, rather those of man in general.
These report-pictures of wires were for the most part taken in woody, mountainous and sometimes distant areas, which shows such land plots were still exploited at some point, and had been exploited since time immemorial before being dropped out because of productiveness and urban migration.
Once set up to delineate the cattle's grazing area, the wires, over time, penetrated the bark's depth, onto which now lies a swollen stigma as the tree's survival response to absorb and carry over that wound which curbs its growth. In order to include this element of constriction, the tree cover produced a protrusion of wood acting like a stitch – a lesson of resilience which stigmatizes man's influence on the tree, though man sometimes used to give the land back to nature for decades.
My submissions deal with man's integration into nature, while reminding us of the cultural dimension of nature which man had forged throughout ages. My work here – which as a whole consists of a certain form of vanity – questions the limits of man and, through those limits, his possibilities to influence the world he lives in.