IRM, 2010-2011

As I was seeking new creation processes, I moved my workshop around hospital sectors for two years with the aim to explore new medical technologies' artistic potential.
My researches led me to elicit major establishments' contribution, such as Alexis Vautrin Centre of cancer research or the Nancy Center of investigation – Technology innovations universitarian center.
Willing to show an unprecedented picture of medecine, I immediately forsook radiography.
My favorite medias then happened to be magnetic resonance imaging, 3D scanning, fundus photography and internal and external impression techniques for therapeutical purpose.
Peculiary fond of notions of imprints and vanities, I did not hesitate giving an unique view of them by recreating, via new medical techniques, paintings and features borrowed from art history, which is and has been a permanent base of thoughts during my self-taught's journey.

Opulences series, 2010-2011
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) roughly resembles a giant micro-waves oven with a 12 tons magnet which stimulates water particles to make them visible. The obtained signal is then converted and recreated in 3D on computer. To get the best out of that high-tech I united with the Nancy Centre. I asked for a team of researchers to work on upgrading the machine for plants in particular, as they hold a lot of water inside.

Thanks to the entire Nancy Centre's lab team, specially to Anna, Emilien, Cédric Pasquier and Jacques Felblinger, and to Nancy universitarian centre's MRI team as well.