Carbon footprint, 2011

Carbon impact estimated by experts.

It has been years since I started adopting – yet without any fervour – the newly-supposed ecological actions in my house life. However, even though this project enticed me, I never hesitated buying pounds of exotic fruits in the wintertime.
I set a hunt for any small bulb turned on in my house life. However, hooked on the project, I never hesitated turning this medical turbine away from such a gigantic consumption.
Your average conflicts of interest story.
Willing to know my Opulences series' ecological footprint, I ordered a complete carbon footprint from an expert firm. Results : 1,12 tons of CO2, which is 1120 kilograms of carbon emission to create just one still-life styled series (be it noted printing, completion and transport are not taken into account).
Misused by skillful marketers, the Carbon footprint increasingly stamps consumer products supposed to make consuming look good to us, as a way to make us think about it as a lovely and responsible green company by ironically using – abusing the terrific green coverage that is greenwashing.
My confiteor is the opposite of that trend.
Yet, above all, at our time of prompting, viral globalisation, this targeted survey happens to be the medical check of an ailing agriculture, metastasized because of overexploitation, all leading to the global nutritional mismanagement.

Complete account available upon request.
Thanks to the Alternative Carbone firm.